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Movie Info
Name: Thappad - Bas Itni Si Baat
Year: 2020
Duration: 142 mins
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Plot: Amrita Sabharwal and Vikram have been happily married for several years. Amrita is a housewife and spends her days looking after Vikram and the house. They throw a party at home to celebrate Vikram's promotion that would have them relocate to London. At the party, however, Vikram gets a call informing him that his promotion contract has been compromised for his junior. Incensed, he gets into an argument with his superior who he accuses of two-timing him. When Amrita tries to break up the argument, Vikram angrily slaps her in front of everyone. The incident leaves her shaken; she loses her self-respect and her love for Vikram. Vikram doesn't apologize, stating that he was upset, she got in the way, and things happen
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